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KT2 Yard Management Systems
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  Yard Management

Leaders of Innovative Services in Supply Chain Logistics

K&T Switching Service, Inc. is an innovative pioneer in the transportation-logistics business whose products and services drive significant productivity gains in the often overlooked application of Yard Management. Simply defined, Yard Management is the stand-alone functions of Switching, Yard Management Systems, or a combination of both.

KT3 Yard Management Systems:

KT3 is aptly named as it has three highly functional applications - working VERTICALLY within a company's infrastructure to implement and maintain operational efficiencies, as well as HORIZONTALLY with outside suppliers, carriers and third party (3PL's) to provide the often overlooked link in supply chain logistics. The 3rd DIMENSION incorporates web based Internet access - offering unlimited potential for streamlining container movements to further applications involving returnable container programs and system-to-system auditing, KT3 Yard Management Systems serve as a live yard-data pipeline.